How To Right Click On Macbook (Mac Basics)

If you’re like most people, you use your laptop everyday and right-clicking is a basic computer function. But if you’re using a mac, clicking and holding (or two-finger clicking) with the right mouse button can do much more than that – it can open system preferences, start a program, or access your preferences for keyboard shortcuts. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to right-click on a macbook and cover some of the other important mac-related right-clicking options. So learn how to right-click on a macbook today and take your computing experience to the next level!

How to Right-Click on a Mac Computer

One of the most common tasks on a Mac computer is right-clicking on a object – whether it’s a photo, a document, or a folder. There are several different ways to do it, and the key is to remember the keyboard shortcuts and the contextual menu options. If you’re using a Mac laptop, Command + R (or CMD + R) is the keyboard shortcut for right-clicking. If you’re using an Apple desktop computer, right-clicking usually involves using the keyboard shortcut and then choosing “Open in contextual menu.” On a Mac, contextual menu options include things like “Copy,” “Paste,” “Cut,” “Select All,” and “Delete.” Once you know the right-click options for your file type, you’re ready to tackle your next project!

1. Use a mouse with a right-click button

There are many uses for the right-click button, but one of the most common is to click on something and then select or copy it. Just like with desktop computers, Macs come equipped with a right-click button – which you can use by pressing it down. This button is usually located at the bottom of your mouse (though there are some mice that don’t have this feature). So if you need to perform any sort of right-clicking action on your Mac, be sure to find and use this button!

2. Hold the “control” button as you click

If you right-click on a Mac computer, you will be able to do various tasks such as opening up the context menu or selecting items from it.

3. Use two fingers on the trackpad

One of the most commonly-used shortcuts on a Mac computer is right-clicking – you do it by using two fingers on the trackpad and dragging the mouse to your target. To open up a contextual menu, make sure your cursor is over an object and press down with three fingers. If you’re using a laptop, hold down the Control key as you click with two fingers.


In this blog, we will teach you how to right-click on your Mac computer. This is an essential skill for any Mac user, as it allows you to perform various tasks quickly and easily. We hope that this blog was helpful and that you will find it useful in your everyday computing routine. Thank you for reading!

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